NameInstitutionResearch Area
Prof. Sakis MantalarisDepartment of Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Institute of TechnologyBiosystems modelling and optimization
Biomedical Engineering
Nicki PanoskaltsisDepartment of Oncology, Emory University, USABiomedical Engineering
Prof. Sebastian EngellTechnical University of Dortmund, GermanyProcess scheduling and control
Prof. Cesar de PradaUniversity of Valladolid, SpainProcess scheduling and control
Dr. Francesc CorominasProcter & Gamble, R&D, BelgiumProcess scheduling
Dr. Antonio Alonso and Dr. Carlos VigasCSIC, SpainProcess control
Mr. Miguel Antonio Lopez and Mr. Daniel Adrián CaboASM, Vigo, SpainProcess scheduling
Mr. Borja Mariño Pampínc FRINSA, Vigo, SpainResearch area: Process scheduling
Prof. Stratos PistikopoulosTexas A&M, USAEnergy systems engineering
Biosystems modelling optimization and control
Advanced Process Control
ESE EU project
Prof. Pei LiuTsinghua University, ChinaEnergy systems engineering
Prof. Jiri Klemes and Dr. Petar VarbanovUniversity of Pannonia, HungaryEnergy systems engineering
EFENIS and DISKNET EU projects
Prof. Robin Smith and Dr. Igor BoulatovUniversity of ManchesterEnergy systems engineering
EFENIS EU projects
Prof. Il MoonYonsei University, South KoreanEnergy systems engineering
ESE EU projects
Dr. Paris Voutetakis and Dr. Chrysa ZiogouCentre for Research and Technology- HellasAdvanced modelling, optimization and control of Fuel cells
Energy systems engineering
Prof. Stefano BrandaniUniversity of Edinburg, UKModelling, simulation and optimization of PSA processes